Sunday, June 5, 2011

follow me!

So, I did it! I made the switch to Wordpress. So far, it's great. The transition wasn't totally seamless (I lost a lot of my prior formatting and pictures, and somehow deleted all of my tags), but it's done. Come read more over at

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've had it...and some other rants

This little blog that maybe 3 people read has suffered, but this time I have better reasons than being super busy with work (true...I'm trying to finish up in a few months, g*d willing) and being preoccupied with family (also true...little brother is living with us for the summer and clings to the brother he never had aka Husband). First, blogger has been eating my draft posts. Has this happened to anyone else? By the time I want to finish and publish them, they're gone and I can't remember remember half of the witty things I wrote (*cough*) So, I am in the middle of switching to Wordpress. I still don't understand the major advantages of WP over Blogger, but I also haven't heard of any major probs over there. Plus, in my possibly wrong mind, I feel like WP lends itself more to wordy people with long blog posts. Who knows. Hopefully I can get the full switch done this weekend, so we can be on our way once again and I can tell you about all the fun summer things I'm excited about (or sit in radio silence for another month...I kid, but only sort of).

As for my rant! What's the deal with the hate for Gwyneth Paltrow? I finally signed up for GOOP, and I kind of love it. I read so much hate and slanted views on the woman, and it baffles me. Yes, she is super wealthy and grew up around movie stars and whatnot. Yes, she is impossibly gorgeous and manicured. But honestly? I feel like her advice and musings are not much different than those from your incredibly chic and worldy girlfriend; the 'it girl' that you know, if you will. The one who seems to have her sh*t together at all times, is always in the know, and will give it to your straight. I don't find GP lacking self-awareness...she knows that she lives a privileged life. But I also don't feel like she doles out advice that one should follow word-for-word. If she showcases the way to wear this season's maxi dress, with a pair of Louboutin grecian sandals and a Stella McCartney bag...that doesn't mean you should go and drop $2k on an outfit. It's about inspiration...making it your own. Sure, most moms don't have an army of nannies and help to make their lives easier...most moms aren't fitting in play time with Glee practices. But, her overall mantra of keeping calm and not beating yourself up are pretty universal, no? And I dare anyone who knocks her cooking to try her father's pancakes or the rosemary chicken and tell me they are not delicious. Girlfriend can cook and I find her cookbook very accessible. As with most things like this, I feel that if she bothers you, just tune out, close the web page, breeze past the cookbook, and move on with your life. The end, rant over.

See you on the other side...