Friday, May 20, 2011

five for friday

I've seen this iteration on many other blogs and thought it would be fun to do! One of the reasons that I don't seem to blog as much as I'd like is that I find these things I love and get bogged down and stressed with writing a full review. 'Five for Fridays' would be a great way to show some things I am loving, with just a little quick commentary.

I only recently learned about, but it's kind of amazing. Usually pretty great deals on anything and everything, snarky commentary, knowledgeable forum members...and the adrenaline-raising woot-off spent waiting for the ever-elusive 'bag of crap.' Check out Lifehacker's Guide to Woot for a crash course.

Both productivity tools that I have been using to help stay on track on hold myself accountable. I started out with minimum restrictions, but quickly elevated I rarely surf the web during 'work hours' and try and beat my time spent working. Rescuetime is a stand-alone program...the most basic version is free and that's probably all you'll need. StayFocused is a Chrome Extension, easy to add to the bookmark bar.

I knew a girl in college who used one of these and finally managed to track one down for myself. It's been a godsend during this particularly rainy May. Easy on the scalp, and gets my hair straight and dry. For volume and more body, I'll still use the round brush-and-dryer method, but this attachment is great for easy, casual days when I need to straighten quickly.

This wonderful new site for internet image clippers like me has been blogged about quite a bit in the last few weeks. My request to join was finally approved, and I've been pinning things left and right. I'm just starting to repin and follow others' boards. Much easier to generate idea boards then Polyvore, in my opinion.

Has also been blogged and reviewed ad nauseum, and with good reason. These things are amazing! I've never had luck with the Sephora nail stick-ons, but these are basically idiot-proof. I pick them up during Buy One, Get One 50% off sales at the drugstore, and get 2 uses out of each box. The glitters are great (you could never get that much coverage from the bottle), and the neons are perfect (never streaky like bottle polish). Dry to the touch on application, with no smell...they'd be perfect for a last-minute mani (if you have 10 minutes or so) just about anywhere. Oh and they really, truly last for over a week, chip-free!

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